Your hosts



Karen at Piha beach on the Lion Rock – Wild West Auckland

Karen has enjoyed sharing her home with international students and travellers for several years.

She has lived in the local area for over 30 years and has seen many changes over this time, including the completion of the nearby New Lynn Transport Interchange, making travel more efficient and comfortable within the Auckland area.

As a Westie, she has a passion for West Auckland, particularly the stunning West Coast beaches and the Waitakere ranges and is still enjoying discovering and sharing some of the hidden gems that are on our doorstep.

Karen purchased the property in 2008 and enjoys nurturing and enhancing the Art Deco character of the home.

She has a passion for pre loved household items. This includes a personal favourite: Crown Lynn, well known crockery which was manufactured in nearby New Lynn in the 1930’s to late 1980’s.

In her spare time Karen is researching the history of this Heritage listed Art Deco house constructed around the 1930’s.

She also has a passion for travel, which includes both local travel around New Zealand and international travel – giving her the opportunity to immerse herself in other cultures.


Min cat


An on all fours friend that is sharing this 3 storied, spacious, comfy and sunny house… cats are always right!

Don’t expect her to be your best friend although she’ll allow you on her territory…

And if you’re under 1m40 (or under the age of 10), she’ll be pleased to leave you all the space you need!

You’ll often find her relaxing in the afternoon sun in her armchair when she’s not checking out the local wildlife (sadly impeded by collar and bell).


Maxine cat

I am photogenic and I like that!

And last but not least… me! The most photogenic and proud cat on earth!

You’re welcome to cuddle me… if I’ve allowed you.
Kids and males are most welcome… however I tolerate females.

I’m also happy to show you where my food is. But don’t tell Karen.

If you don’t see me for more than 2 hours, please check all the available rooms and especially the laundry. I tend to follow people around and take my time when it’s time to leave… I’m a misunderstood cat… doh!