Who ate all the Pies??

Sausage and Egg pie from Crafty Baker

Sausage and Egg pie from Crafty Baker

Well indeed!!

A wet miserable Winters’ morning seems to be the time for sampling pies from Crafty Baker.

I had popped down the road to get a great little gift from The Curious Hibiscus and made it to Crafty around midday.

There were only three pies left in the pie warmer which narrowed the choice somewhat as the only pie left was the Sausage and Egg pie.

The sausage in the pie is from the nearby Clarks Organic Butchery.

It was very tasty and went down a treat.

Need to get back there to get a Vegetarian Pie though.

The labels on the pie warmer describing the Veggie pies that were all gone had my mouth watering.