Nature walk to Mt Atkinson

Lovely view atop Mt Atkinson on a Winters’ day

Located on the foothills of Titirangi, Mt Atkinson offers a short scenic bush walk with lovely views of Titirangi Village and the Manukau and Waitemata Harbours.

From Titirangi Road, drive through Titirangi Village to the large roundabout, then drive straight on through to Kohu Road. Access is from 22 Kohu Road, Titirangi.

For the more energetic, it is around a 45 minute walk from Kiwi Heritage Homestay. Visitors could then enjoy refreshments from the many cafes in Titirangi Village on the return home. Vevo Cafe even serves Mt Atkinson coffee.

There is a bare pedestal there which was once the home to Henry Atkinson’s statue, which was moved to the nearby Lopdell House after repeated vandalism to his nose in the 1970’s.

Henry Atkinson (1838 – 1921) was a Civil and Water engineer who was a big influence in Auckland’s search for water supply coming to the West around 1900, when the previous supplies at the Auckland Domain and Western Springs were proving to be inadequate. He was also an early Pioneer in the Preservation of the Environment.

He purchased big blocks of bush-clad paradise that contained what we now know as some of our most beautiful regional parks and the water catchment areas that supply our city with the vast bulk of its water supply – all donated back to the people of Auckland as his legacy. Thanks Henry!