Crown Lynn – Some West Auckland history

Crown Lynn Wall

For those Crown Lynn enthusiasts, here’s a short documentary from NZ Onscreen archives (1949) on the production of it. Very interesting. – From Potter’s Wheel to Mass Production

It also mentions terms such as “Potters Wheel” and “Toby Jug” both of which there were establishments in the local area. The Potters Wheel was a pub in New Lynn and The Toby Jug was a restaurant in Titirangi (now renamed to Tobys and unfortunately out of touch with it’s local history). There is also a restaurant called Bricklane on the former Crown Lynn site in Clark Street that has some lovely Crown Lynn pieces on display.

The New Lynn library also has a lovely exhibit of Crown Lynn that you can visit for free. Just go in the library entrance and there is a hallway with built in Crown Lynn display with information on many of the pieces.

My father grew up in New Lynn and the main industries in the area at the time were the Crown Lynn pottery factory in Clark Street and the Tannery in Portage Road. He has four siblings who all worked at some stage of their lives in these industries.

Here is more information on Crown Lynn from for those that are interested.