Avondale Market Favourite

Avondale Market – My favorite Thai food stand! - Copyright (c) Nadia M. - NamAroundTheWorld.net

Avondale Market – My favorite Thai food stand!

Sunday mornings at Avondale market, I always like to visit the yellow Monthien South East Asian food stall. It’s no surprise that Monthien also have a restaurant in Milford, which constantly receives very good reviews.

But to get to their caravan at Avondale Sunday Market, come in the main entrance and head straight ahead to Toby’s Seafood stalls. Monthien is to the left of Toby’s, next to the Key cutter stall.

You can order your food from the caravan and eat it out the back where you will see some of the food being cooked or you can take it home to enjoy.

Everything from sticky rice, spring rolls, money bags and Noodle soup (my favourite!!).

An Auckland experience that is about as close as you can get to actually being in the delicious and diverse food markets of South East Asia.